Kit Learning is a site about education. The guides about technology kits, the guides about painting and building models, are ultimately about education, about learning how to perform a task or learn a subject. I have made this site so that those who are interested in these topics have a place where they can learn and obtain resources for studying their craft. If you’re an aspiring technologist or hobbyist, this site has something for you, and if it doesn’t now, it will as it continues to grow.

I studied engineering and computer science in college, and came out dissatisfied with my academic experience. As an engineering student, I rarely got to actually design and build a project, or even analyze a real world system. As a computer science student, my projects consisted of bland mathematics and ultimately meaningless lines of code. While all these things gave me a solid foundation in theory, which is valuable, what I really wanted was to see the application of the theory, and few things in college gave me that opportunity.

This lackluster experience and the chip it’s placed on my shoulder inspired me to create a resource for people who find themselves wanting to learn by getting their hands dirty. Learning by doing is arguably the fastest, most powerful way to learn a skill or topic, whether it’s technical or artistic. I don’t claim to be an especially smart person, nor a master at the topics I cover, but I think I’m good enough to write a little bit about them. Kit Learning is small for now, but I work on it a little bit each day, so expect it to slowly and continually grow.