5 Advanced Robot Kits for Adults

These kits are for the advanced hobbyist and learner, someone wanting something with more potential than your typical RC robot, but without needing to design it from the ground up. At their basic level, a lot of these kits aren’t hard to get up and running, but what makes themadvanced is the fact that they leave a lot of room for customization, experimentation, and learning, particularly when it comes to writing code. They can even be used in university settings, whether they’re used formally or as self-study. I have titled this list as advanced robot kits for adults, but don’t be afraid to tackled these if you’re feeling ready even if you’re not (or don’t feel like you are) and adult. Dive in and challenge yourself.


LewanSoul Minihand

assembled lewansoul minihand

The LewanSoul Minihand is a robotic hand with servos to control each finger separately. The kit includes a set of sensors to use in conjunction with the Minihand so it’ll respond to different stimuli. The “arm” which supports the hand is itself stationary, the only moving parts being the fingers. The entire setup isn’t very large, measuring only 1.65″ by 7.09″. Assembly instructions for the hand are provided through a series of Youtube videos, and everything needed for assembly is included except a Phillips-head screwdriver. LewanSoul made the hand with metal parts, except for the plastic “tendons” that control the hand’s movement. Programming the hand can be done using LewanSoul’s free PC software (not available for Mac) to write action groups, or by using Arduino’s C/C++ library. The ability to write Arduino code is the main reason this falls among advanced robot kits for adults. Coding in Arduino also gives you the ability to include a variety of your own sensors to allow for more complex behaviors. To do so, you’ll need the Arduino IDE, freely available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • 1.65″ by 7.09″ robotic hand
  • Made with metal and plastic parts
  • Assembly instructions provided via YouTube
  • The kit includes everything needed to build the hand except a screwdriver
  • Programming is done with LewanSoul’s PC software or with Arduino


SunFounder Crawling Quadruped

assembled sunfounder crawling quadruped with labeled components

The SunFounder Crawling Quadruped is an Arduino-controlled, four-legged robot. It comes in two color options: black or transparent. Sample Arduino sketches and an RC controller control the robot’s basic movements. Being Arduino, you can write your own code to make the robot perform more complex behaviors, or respond to input from any sensors you attach to it, including making it autonomous. To build the robot, you’ll use both plastic parts and metal screws. The kit includes all the tools and parts to assemble the Crawling Quadruped, but you’ll need to download the Arduino IDE to program it and buy the batteries separately. The manual is remarkably detailed with extremely clear pictures, making assembly a breeze.


  • Arduino-controlled, four-legged robot
  • Built with plastic parts and metal screws
  • The kit includes everything needed for assembly
  • Does not include batteries
  • Requires Arduino IDE to program it


Adeept Hexapod Spider

top view of assembled adeept hexapod spider

The Adeept Hexapod Spider is a six-legged, Arduino-controlled robot. It includes an RC controller for manual control, and ultrasonic sensors for autonomous obstacle avoidance. Instructions for assembling the Hexapod are freely available in a ZIP file (warning: this link may start a download of the ZIP file with the instructions) from the company website, including circuit diagrams and example code. The Hexapod Spider also lets you attach sensors to it, which means you can write your own Arduino code. (If you haven’t been able to tell yet, the ability to write your own code is a big factor in determining whether or not I consider a product as among advanced robot kits for adults). To build the Spider, you’ll use both metal and plastic parts. The kit includes everything required for assembly, but you’ll need to buy your own batteries.


  • Arduino-controlled, six-legged robot
  • Built with metal and plastic parts
  • Kit includes everything required to build the robot
  • Batteries not included



robotis premium humanoid advanced robot kits for adults

ROBOTIS Premium is a high-end robotics kit, making it a great choice for someone looking for advanced robot kits for adults. ROBOTIS designed it specifically with education in mind, with instructions to build and program 29 robots. You can also create anything else from the included parts. To program the robot, you’ll use ROBOTIS’s RoboPlus software for PC, which includes RoboPlus Motion, RoboPlus Task, and RoboPlus Manager. To create choreographies, you’ll manipulate individual actuators using RoboPlus Motion. RoboPlus Task is a programming tool which is based on C++ and uses icons instead of requiring you to type out all the code. RoboPlus Manger is a tool for managing and configuring controllers and other components in the ROBOTIS Premium kit, where you can do such things as apply firmware updates and configure wireless communications. The ROBOTIS e-Manual provides coding and assembly instructions. Control each robot using the included remote, or program it to move autonomously. To change what the robot’s actions, in either autonomous or controlled mode, use the programming software. You’ll build the robot using plastic parts held together by metal nuts and bolts or temporary, plastic rivets. The kit includes a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.


  • Advanced educational kit with instructions to build and program 29 different robots
  • Programmed and managed with a software suite: RoboPlus Motion, RoboPlus Task, and RoboPlus Manager
  • Instructions provided in the ROBOTIS e-Manual
  • The kit includes everything needed for assembly
  • Rechargeable battery included


LewanSoul xArm with LewanSoul Sensor Kit

assembled lewansoul xarmcomponents of the lewansoul sensor kit

The LewanSoul xArm was also listed in my article 6 Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners because, by itself, the xArm is rather basic. To give a quick overview of the xArm, it is a robot arm with a claw grip and six degrees of freedom, constructed with metal and plastic parts. It also falls among the advanced robot kits for adults because its capabilities—and complexity—are greatly boosted when adding the optional LewanSoul Sensor Kit. Assembly instructions are found in YouTube videos, easily accessed by scanning a QR code (or clicking the link). To program the xArm without the sensors, you’ll use a Microsoft Windows program, a mobile app, or manual positioning. For more dynamic control, connect a controller, mouse, or a phone to the xArm via Bluetooth. Adding the sensor kit takes the xArm to the next level. Read input from the sensors–and greatly boost he xArm’s capabilities–by writing Arduino code. A few of the sensors included in the list are an infrared sensor and receiver, ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor, a rotary knob, and others.


  • Claw grip robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom with an optional sensor kit
  • Write code with Arduino to use the sensors
  • The kit includes everything needed to build the arm, except a screwdriver
  • Instructions provided through YouTube videos