4 of the Best Dollhouse Kits for Beginners

I made this list to help you quickly find a dollhouse kit either for yourself or another. I chose the kits in this list specifically because they’re relatively simple. With that said, these are still kits, requiring varying amounts of assembly, but they don’t require painting or any other sort of decorating as would be the case for more customizable kits. As long as you follow the instructions included with whichever kit you choose, you shouldn’t have a problem assembling any of the kits in this list of best dollhouse kits for beginners.


KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

front view of the kidkraft majestic mansion dollhouse with a child standing next to it

KidKraft makes several good products that would be great for best dollhouse kits for beginners, so it was hard to choose which to include here. I finally settled on the KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse simply because it’s one of KidKraft’s more popular items. The assembly process is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions, but if this is for a child, some adult supervision during assembly will likely be required. Various screws and bolts hold everything together, which are all included in the box, as well as the necessary tools. The finished product is 52 x 14 x 53.6 inches and contains MDF, wood, and fabric. There are 34 pieces of furniture and accessories, such as a grand piano, clothes iron, and refrigerator. The house itself will contain 8 rooms and a garage with functioning hinged doors. It can fit dolls up to one foot tall.


  • 52 x 14 x 53.6 inches
  • Made of MDF, wood, and fabric
  • 34 accessories and pieces of furniture
  • 8 rooms
  • Garage with functioning doors
  • Can contain dolls up to one foot tall


Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse

front view of the melissa and doug dollhouse

The Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse is a 1:12 scale model wooden dollhouse. This dollhouse comes ready for assembly, with no painting or decorating required. It is colored pink with a fair amount of detail painted onto the exterior of the house and interiors of the rooms, which can make it a good choice for collectors. If this is intended for a child, it’s plenty sturdy enough to withstand everyday play. Conveniently, this dollhouse is assembled with only one type of screw, which makes the process easier and maybe even more kid friendly, making this is one of the best dollhouse kits for beginners. However, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver because the kit does not include one. All you have to do is follow the instructions, which are simple and straightforward with clear pictures. This dollhouse does not include any furniture or accessories; it’s only the house. If you decided to purchase or make some extras for yourself to flesh this house out, know that they need to be 1:12 scale in order to fit with the house.


  • 1:12 scale, Victorian style dollhouse
  • 28 x 18 x 26.5 inches
  • Detailed paint and scrollwork
  • Made of wood
  • About 5 rooms
  • Assembled with one size of screw to make assembly easier
  • Does not include furniture, accessories, or dolls
  • Does not include a Phillips screwdriver, but includes everything else you’ll need for assembly


MMP Living Dollhouse

front view of the MMP living dollhouse

The MMP Living Dollhouse is 33 x 15 x 48.6 inches and can accommodate dolls that are 10 to 12 inches, including Barbies. The front of the dollhouse is open, allowing for easy access for play if for a child, or easy display of the interior if purchased as a collectible. The interior of the rooms are printed with images that give the rooms more depth, such as a chandelier and vanity in the bedroom, and a kitchen image near the dining area. But you don’t have to worry about your only décor being images on the walls. Included with the kit are 13 wooden furniture pieces, including a bed, bathtub, dining table, and others. The dollhouse has 5 rooms, one of which is a detached garage, and 3 levels. The dollhouse is made of wood and you’ll assembled it using screws included with the set. You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver because the kit does not include one.


  • 33 x 15 x 48.6 inches
  • Made of wood
  • Detailed images on interior walls to simulate depth
  • 5 rooms, including detached garage
  • Assembled with screws
  • Includes 13 wooden furniture pieces
  • Does not include a Phillips screwdriver


Robotime Cathy’s Flower House

isotropic view of the robotime cathy's flower house best dollhouse kits for beginners

This is a more advanced kit, but I included it here in case you’re looking for the best dollhouse kits for beginners but have some experience building models already (or just want to dive in headfirst). The Robotime Cathy’s Flower House is a greenhouse measuring 7.7 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches. It’s quite detailed, full of shelves, various plants, and containers, which are all assembled by gluing the pieces together. One of its unique features is that it lights up using an included LED. The kit includes everything you need to assemble the dollhouse, including the glue, as well as things like tweezers to help with the small items, making the whole process a bit easier. However, the kit does not include the batteries for powering the LED. Note that this is a Chinese product, and some purchasers have stated that the instructions they’ve received have been written in Chinese. If this happens to you, contact Robotime support and they’ll send you an English version of the instructions. Also note that this item is meant for display because once it’s assembled, it’s too fragile for play.


  • 7 x 6.9 x 6.9 inch greenhouse
  • Made of various materials, including wood and plastic
  • Has a working LED overhead light
  • Small, hand-assembled details
  • Meant as a model for display
  • Instructions may be written in Chinese. Contact the company for English instructions if this happens to you


Finding the best dollhouse kits for beginners out of all the options available can be daunting, so I hope this list has given you a starting point, whether you just want to make a dollhouse for your child or you want to start getting into the dollhouse hobby for yourself.